The natural look of wood with all
the benefits of maintenance-free aluminum



Savierra strives to offer products that are innovative, maintenance-free and of superior quality that will enhance and beautify your home's exterior.

Aluminum railings have earned a reputation for strength and durability. Some people prefer the appearance of real wood railings and choose yearly maintenance and a shorter life span over the durability of powder coated aluminum. Savierra is proud to offer a perfect combination of the two. New powder coating technology now allows for stunning wood grain prints to be set into aluminum railings. Whether it is the top and bottom rail in a glass system, or the individual pickets, the beauty of wood can now be enjoyed maintenance-free for years. Savierra also offers the system in traditional black or white, and in custom colors.

Create a sophisticated focal point for your deck. Inspired by the railings seen on luxury yachts and cruise ships, the over sized handrails accentuate the overall quality of workmanship in the design. The result is a railing that not only acts as a protective barrier, but one that defines and beautifies your home.

One of the key features of a quality aluminum structure lies in the tensile strength and thickness of the extrusions. Savierra assures that only high grade alloys are used in the manufacturing of this railing system. It has been tested to meet the most stringent national and international building codes. The result is a railing guaranteed to last well over a generation.

glass inserts wood toprail
Glass Inserts with Wood Finish Rail Wood Finsh Toprail with White Pickets and Posts


Savierra railings also offers a reinforced walkable vinyl membrane. Two attractive colors with textures enhance and add value to any balcony, sundeck, porch, or garage deck. The Ultimate Deck Waterproofing System. Permanent bonding system in the process of which "permanently" fusing two PVC surfaces by heat or chemical reaction.

sandy pearl
Sandy Pearl
40 Mil Vinyl: Improved surface that provides a greater friction on wet surfaces. A polyester fabric mat laminated in the middle of two sheets of vinyl for superior reinforced and permanent bonding for the Ultimate Deck Waterproofing System.

Seams: When using our vinyl, you are heat welding vinyl to vinyl, versus vinyl to fabric. The fact is, our seams tested at 700% stronger over fabric seams. In parts of North America, fabric back vinyl is being banned because of numerous product failures.

Vinyl Boots: Savierra offers vinyl boots such as inside/outside corner, floor, pillar, and around pipes for easy installation.

Flashing: Vinyl flashing is a 26 gauge laminated with a 30 mil vinyl. This allows a permanent bond around the perimeter of your deck, versus a plastic cap that will fall off over time.

Warranty: Warranties for the reinforced vinyl back membranes are the best on the globe. A 10-year warranty on the vinyl, and an adhesive warranty that protects against manufacture defects and leaks.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Reinforced Vinyl (greater strength and superior seam)
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Class A & C fire rating
  • Embossed for greater traction
  • Contains U.V. inhibitors
  • Mildew & Salt resistant
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